Roofing Repair & Replacement

Quality Roofing Repairs with Affinity Claim Consultants

Got roof damage? Hail and storms can cause various kinds of damage to your roof. As an insurance claims adjuster that have been around since 2011, Affinity Claim Consultants is ready to work with you and to be the go-between for you and your insurance company to get your roof restored quickly.

We perform a free roofing assessment that involves a thorough inspection of your entire roof to find out the extent of the damage. Then we’ll recommend options for returning the roof to its original state, whether a repair will do or a full roof replacement is a better idea. Often, damaged roof sections can be repaired by a professional roofing contractor in Marietta, GA, but if the damage is too extensive, it may be a better idea to have the entire roof replaced.

Affinity Claim Consultants help determine the most cost-effective way to fix the damage. We spend time with you to explain the extent of the damage and your options, so that you can make an educated decision and your roof repair project can get underway as soon as possible.

High Quality Roofing Services in Marietta

If you’re looking for a company to repair or replace your roof, you need experienced, professional and honest roofers that you can trust. While there are many roofing companies in Marietta, not all of them provide the same level of quality and service to their customers as we do! Some roofers like to take shortcuts and use poor quality materials, which usually results in the homeowner experiencing more roofing problems just a short while after the repairs are done.

At Affinity Claim Consultants, we take quality very seriously and have a solid reputation for providing superior customer care. We only use high-quality, warrantied roofing materials and guarantee our workmanship, so you can be sure that your roof repair or roof replacement will be done right the very first time around.

Dealing with roofing problems is never a pleasant experience for homeowners, especially when it also includes dealing with the insurance company! Affinity Claim Consultants is ready to help you get your claim filed and your roof damage repaired as soon as possible.

Personalized Service Starts With Affinity Roofing Consultants

Are you concerned about the overall quality of your roof, but don’t know who to trust to give you a fair quote and assessment? Since 2011, Affinity Claims Consultants have acted as North Georgia’s expert roofing insurance claims adjustor. Over the last 7 years, they’ve proudly helped homeowners in North Georgia with their insurance claim assessments.

Seeing is Believing With Affinity Roofing Consultants

Using the best roofing materials available (exclusively Owens Corning roofing materials), they offer a unique visualization online tool—so customers can see what their roof will look like before the work begins! Want to see for yourself? Try this online tool for free:

Benefits of A Local North Georgia Roofing Claims Consultant

Not every roofing company is created equal. When you choose a reputable roofing company, the guarantee is already there: they’ve treated their past customers with respect and honesty, which means they will with you, too. Keep your company close, and choose a local roofing insurance claims contractor who has an existing relationship with local contractors, and is up-to-date with local code violations. Affinity Claims Consultants are roofing claims experts, offering their customers many additional benefits as well:

Contact us today to learn more, and receive a free roof inspection on us! We’ll examine your roof for damage on your residential home and assess future risks, as well as give you the results of your assessment in a one-on-one setting. Whether we recommend a replacement or a repair, our knowledgeable professionals will assist you with a homeowner insurance claim. Affinity Claims Consultants are by your side, every step of the way!

  • Your roofing project comes with a workmanship warranty through Affinity Consultants, as well as a product warranty through Owens Corning.
    No matter how small or big your roofing project may be, you’ll have the peace of mind that your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • Their project manager will work with you to choose the idea color and style to complement your home’s aesthetic.
    Whether you stay in your home for years or decide to sell, you can enjoy a home of greater value.
  • You’ll receive a free roofing assessment.
    Your no-obligation, free assessment will include an examination of your roof for hail and storm damage, as well as a recommendation to most cost-effectively repair the damage.
  • Affinity Claims Consultants utilize their public adjusting service to make sure that insurance approves current code requirements.
    Since roofing codes were improved upon and are now enforced in Georgia over the last few years, most roofs they fix or replace are not currently up to code. They’ll get all necessary code related upgrades covered through insurance, improving the function of the roof without additional cost to the client.