Public Adjusting / Appraisal

When your insurance company receives a claim, they send an insurance adjuster to investigate the loss. No matter how much they smile, shake your hand, or promise prompt payment of your claim, there is a problem. They have a fiduciary duty, and it is not to you!

That’s right. The fiduciary duty of an insurance adjuster is to mitigate the loss of the company that hired them! Here’s what that looks like. Let’s say your property is damaged by a fire, and the repair estimate to fix everything right comes to $100,000. However, there is also a short-cut repair that will only cost $20,000. If the adjuster’s duty is to minimize the insurance company’s loss, which one do you think he will pick?

Enter “Public Adjuster.” Our fiduciary duty as your public adjuster is to maximize the value of your claim. That means that if there is a right way to repair your property and a cheap way, we use our expertise to make the insurance pay to do the job right. ​We are experts at handling your homeowners insurance claims and will assess your structure and surrounding area for any damage you may file. Our inspectors will meet with your adjusters, help you fill out forms and file paperwork.

Many storm chasing roofers imitate public adjusters like us, but they cannot duplicate the services and expertise we offer.


Insurance companies don’t always like to play fair. Property owners are often left feeling out of options, and are left believing they must either give up, or lawyer up. Many owners in this situation are unaware that an alternate dispute resolution clause exists in their policy. This process is called appraisal.

In an appraisal, you must choose a competent third party to act as your appraiser. That’s where we come in. Then the insurance company must select a neutral third party to act as their appraiser. Finally, we will work with your insurance company’s appraiser to agree upon a neutral and competent umpire to decide between our differences – should his services be needed.

Once the process begins, we will establish a value for your loss. Your insurance company’s appraiser must do the same. In our experience, the insurance company’s appraiser often agrees that their client low-balled the heck out of your claim’s value. We usually meet someplace in the middle – or even better they just accept our valuation. Once the appraisal is settled, it is binding on your insurance company and your claim will be promptly paid.

Are you a property owner or a business owner looking to get the best outcome on your claim? Have negotiations failed, and it is time to take the matter out of the insurance company’s hands? Call us to find out how we can help.