Mold & Asbestos Removal

A Small Leak Can Amount to a Big Problem

If you’re dealing with water damage, mold or asbestos, taking immediate action with an ethical and experienced removal company is essential. The right company will have the proper techniques, equipment and education to spot the problem at its source and take care of it quickly.

At Affinity Claim Consultants, we take small leaks seriously, because a small leak can often amount to a big problem, including:

  • Plumbing issues, which can cause damage to your home;
  • Leaks can turn into water spots and stains on your ceiling, which can lead to a ceiling or floor collapsing, and/or expensive drywall repairs;
  • Mold and mildew.

The photos below show a small leak can be hiding a much bigger mold problem.


At Affinity Claim Consultants, we give the mold or mildew or asbestos inspection the same attention and care we do during a roofing inspection. We observe every inch of your attic and carefully inspect interior ceilings for any sign of water intrusion. This allows us to see what you may not, because often, a minor water stain on the wall or ceiling can go completely unnoticed by the homeowner while dangerous mold is hiding underneath.

When you invest in a trusted professional like Affinity Claim Consultants, you save yourself the costly expense of a plumbing or mold removal later on.

We’re Your Insurance Claim Professionals

When your mold or asbestos removal is associated with an insurance claim, we will make sure that your insurance company provides temporary living situation for you, so you can stay safe and not have additional living expenses.  Additionally, we will check all older homes for asbestos and leaks before making any interior repairs.

If your drywall contains asbestos, our licensed asbestos abatement team will ensure that all EPA guidelines are followed to remove contaminated building materials. They will also ensure that your home passes air quality control testing before you move back in.

If you’ve suffered a loss and filed a claim but feel like you’re at the insurance company’s mercy, we can step in and act as your advocate, and guide you through a stress-free appraisal process, by establishing a fair value for your loss. Contact us today to learn how you can get the best possible value from your claim.

The following photos are from a project that started with a minor roof leak. The insurance company initially paid for a patch, which is an illegal repair considering that the walls and ceilings all had high levels of asbestos. We fought on the customer’s behalf to get the full replacement of all walls and ceilings covered under their policy.

Fixing your mold problem is what we do

Mold is present almost in every location, both indoors and outdoors, but it becomes a serious problem when it multiplies enough to become a thriving colony. Then it poses health risks to you and your family as well as risks to your belongings, and even the structure of your home. We can quickly get mold damage under control and address the moisture problems that allowed the mold to spread in the first place.

Microscopic mold spores exist everywhere, so completely removing them from a home or business will be almost impossible. However, as long as one follows the proper steps, the mold can be reduced to a normal level so you can keep it under control.

Our Mold Remediation & Removal Process

Every mold damage scenario is different. Although the general mold remediation process will remain the same, every mold situation is a little bit different and will require a different solution. Indeed, there are some situations where individuals may not even realize they are starting to grow mold at all!

Of course, that kind of situation is a lot different than a house that has been damaged by flooding and the mold damage is much more obvious. But in all cases, the procedure is about the same:

  1. Inspection, damage assessment, and estimate
  2. Containing the mold
  3. Filtering mold particles out of the air
  4. Removing the mold and materials infested by it
  5. Cleaning of all contents
  6. Restoration of the area

The goal of our mold removal services is to make your home safer, with more livable mold levels.

Understanding mold is important

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in how to recognize and remediate mold infestations, but it helps for homeowners and business owners to know how mold grows and spreads.

Mold spores are microscopic and float in the air, so they might enter your home through many different openings, and they may come into your house on clothing or even a pet. Since mold spores expand on moisture, they can quickly grow into a live colony when water is available. This is why mold removal must first begin with addressing the source of the extra moisture in your home or business.

Detail is everything

In mold remediation, the little details can make all the difference between really getting the problem under control, and having to deal with it again a few months later! This is why our technicians begin each mold remediation project by combing every inch of the property. But we also work fast: Without sacrificing quality, we can quickly help you get your property back to its pre-mold-damage state.

Mold damage quickly becomes a much bigger problem, so contact us today!