Frequently Asked Questions

Public Insurance Adjusters are licensed insurance professionals, hired by a policyholder, to advise and represent them when they have experienced a loss to their insured property. P.A.s bring the most value when they are hired before a claim is even filed, as they are able to file the claim, show the damages, negotiate a settlement with the insurance company, and (if needed) pursue appraisal and litigation to ensure a fair settlement for the policyholder. However, they can step in at any point in the claim process, even after the claim has been denied or underpaid!

Public Insurance Adjusters must carry a valid license, issued by the state in which they practice. In order to be licensed, a P.A. must take an in-depth pre-licensure course, pass a rigorous state board exam, and be bonded for $50,000. They must also complete ongoing continuing education credits to maintain their licensure.

There are three main types of insurance adjusters, only one of which has a fiduciary duty to you. As stated above, a Public Insurance Adjuster is licensed by the state to represent the public (a.k.a. the policyholder—YOU). These adjusters have a legal, fiduciary duty to represent the interests of the insured and to ensure that the promises made by the insurance company to the insured in the policy are fulfilled. Public Adjusters work exclusively for the public, not for the insurance companies.

Insurance companies utilize the other two types of adjusters to investigate the legitimacy of an insurance claim and protect their financial interest. Staff Adjusters are employees of the insurance company, while Independent Adjusters are outside contractors hired by the insurance company to conduct field inspections on their behalf. Either way, they are hired by the insurance company, and their legal and fiduciary duty is to them—not you.

It is also worth noting that Public Adjusters are held to far more rigorous licensure requirements than a standard Staff or Independent Adjuster. While it is possible for a Staff or Independent Adjuster to become a Public Adjuster, they have to concede to all of the requirements and relinquish their current license as a Staff or Independent Adjuster. They cannot represent both the Insurance Company and the property owner, as that would be a major conflict of interest.

Quite a bit! The most notable difference is that if you utilize our network of contractors, you don’t pay us anything beyond your insurance deductible!

Unlike other Public Adjusters, our promise to you doesn’t end with the arrival of the settlement check. We handle your claim from the time we file with your insurance company to the time you settle back into your fully restored home. We utilize our own network of contractors to complete the work approved by your insurance company, for the price that the insurance company pays. In exchange for being part of our network, our contractors absorb our fees so you don’t have to! Your only financial obligation is the deductible outlined in your insurance policy.

Beyond our fees, our legal team is another major factor that sets us apart. Though the majority of claims are settled between the PA and the insurance company, sometimes things need a little extra work. Our legal team handles advanced negotiation settlements, depositions, and even court cases when necessary to make sure you are receiving every legal protection under your policy and under the laws of the State of Georgia. Again, their services are part of our service package and come at no extra cost to you.

Not a problem. We are happy to help at any stage of the process. There are several tools we can use (reinspections, appraisal, Department of Insurance complaints, and even litigation) to move your claim forward and increase your insurance settlement. Give us a call today and we’ll share how we can work with your unique claim situation.

We can help you with that. Many of our customers are interested in using our services to update their home after sustaining a loss. Whether it’s upgrading from standard 3-tab shingles to a higher warranty architectural shingle, installing a new attic fan, or upgrading old laminate flooring, we are more than happy to work with you to make the changes you desire whenever possible.

However, there are two things to keep in mind when asking to make upgrades. The first is that we are a restoration company, not a remodeling company, so there are limits to the extent of the changes we are able to make. We will, however, do our best to accommodate your requests whenever possible! The second thing to keep in mind is that these upgrades may have an additional out-of-pocket cost to you as they are not covered by your insurance settlement. We are happy to discuss additional costs up front so you can make an educated decision about whether to upgrade.

Glad you asked. Our partnership with Affinity Roofing and our network of contractors allows us to offer you our public adjusting services at no cost to you. In exchange for our contractors getting the work to restore your home, they agree to pay our public adjuster fee out of their own profits so you don’t have to.

If you choose not to use our network of contractors to complete the work, our standard fee is 20% of the insurance settlement.

Yes! We offer several adjusting packages to contractors looking to help their clients maximize their claims. Contact Joshua Friedman ( for more information about which package is right for your company’s needs.

Glad you asked. We are always interested in talking to licensed restoration and remediation professionals. Please contact Joshua Friedman ( for more information about working together.

Yes! Both Joshua Friedman and Sean O’Dell are licensed and available to serve as appraisers or umpires. Please contact Joshua Friedman ( for more information regarding fees and availability.