AboutAffinity Claim Consultants is your one-stop shop for getting your home or business restored after disaster strikes. For many of our clients, this is the first time they have had to file an insurance claim, and they aren’t sure where to begin. For those that have filed a claim before, most have been discouraged by how little the insurance company paid and found themselves unable to complete the necessary repairs without using money from their own pocket. If either of these experiences sounds familiar, we’re here to help!

Our team of licensed public insurances adjusters will meet with you, inspect the damage to your property, and advise you as to whether this damage should be covered by your insurance. We then file a claim with your insurance carrier on your behalf, manage all inspections and negotiations with the insurance company’s adjuster, and will fight to make sure that you receive everything you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

Most public adjusters stop there and charge you a percentage of your insurance check for their trouble. Not us. If you choose to use our team of contractors, we guarantee that all work approved by your insurance company will be done, for the price that the insurance company paid, at no cost to you beyond your deductible. We are committed to making the process of filing an insurance claim and repairing your property as no-hassle for you as possible.